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Dick & Jane's Sportscards Collecting Supplies
Dick & Jane's Sportscards @ 2011 - Dick & Jane's Sportscards - 1833 Dean Road - Jacksonville, FL 32216 - (904) 725-2316
We carry the full line of BCW Diversified Collecting Supplies and Display Cases.  We also carry Ball Qube baseball, basketball & football display cases. Ultra Pro collecting supplies are in stock.  We carry almost everything you need for protecting & storing your baseball, sports cards collectibles.  We carry displays cases for all type of signed or unsigned memorabilia.  We have Comic supplies, Coin Collections supplies & even coupon holders.  Below is just a sample of some items.  No store in Jacksonville carries such a large selection of storage boxes, top load size, snap cases, slider boxes, etc.  We have the widest possible selection.  We do special orders for larger items such as Football, Baseball or Basketball Jersey Display cases.