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Dick & Jane's Sportscards @ 2011 - Dick & Jane's Sportscards - 1833 Dean Road - Jacksonville, FL 32216 - (904) 725-2316
Dick & Jane's is Jacksonville's Role Playing Games / RPG Dice & Dice Sets.  We do have a selection single die, but we specialize in Polyhedral 7-Die Set (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20 & d00).  We have nearly 200 different styles and sets from Chessex and Q-Workship.  We also carry some high end designer die imports from Italy - IRONDIE ..... Metal Die and Metal Dice.  These are heavy and feel amazing in your hands.
Dick & Jane's Dice
100s of RPG Dice Sets
Chessex & Q-Workshop
Poly-7, d10s, d6 (12mm & 16mm)